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Diverse, highly profitable investment portfolio served in a simple and unified interface with the Monelo investment package.

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What is Monelo

Monelo is an industry expert developed investment platform that serves as an all-in-one diversified portfolio for its users. Combining multiple streams of investment income (from forex trading to venture capital investments) makes for a safe and stable overall investment that steadily yields a profit percentage every single day. Our team of professionals from different fields of expertise have taken care of the complicated challenge of finding, evaluating and managing new ventures, allowing our users to enjoy an incredibly high profit. With our plan, each user is guaranteed a stable income growth, even outside of work hours. We offer you a rare opportunity to make your money work for you – 24/7.

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Our investment bundle
The Monelo bundle

This investment plan is guaranteed to generate its subscribers a daily profit of 3.0% on business days, and even a healthy 1.0% profit on weekends and holidays. Our offered combined plan bundles investments from four different fields, minimizing risk and achieving a secure profit percentage every single day.

Return fee:

All or a part of your active investment can be returned back to your account at any time, after 24h have passed since the moment of the deposit. A 10% fee will be deducted from the returned amount.

every business day
on weekends

Profit Calculator

See a provisional estimate of your earning potential with our interest rate calculator

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Daily Profit
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Monthly Profit
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*The calculator is for informational purposes only and the actual revenue may vary
Our Advantages

An extraordinary amount of work has been put into developing this platform in addition to the investment bundles presented in it. We strive to make our platform easy to use and simple, while remaining fully functional and informational. The investments we have bundled turn an overall profit every hour of every day, 365 days in a year. Market activity and profits being higher during the workweek, the Monelo investment bundle still generates a consistent stream on both weekdays and weekends of consistent median profit for your investment.

Private & Secure
We offer anonymity and security by using state of the art safety systems and BitCoin as a payment processor.
Always Instant
Withdrawal requests are instantly entered into the automated processing queue. Waiting is minimized.
Legal entity
Monelo Ltd. is a valid and lawful company based in the United Kingdom. Our company number is #11738465.
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One platform,
limitless options

Forex trading
Trading currencies is our primary method of fund investing. From major currencies to specific pairs, we expertly trade in the complicated market of Forex.
Digital exchange
The cryptocurrency exchange market is still relatively new and has a huge earning potential for smart and experienced investors, like the Monelo team.
BitCoin mining
In order to be profitable with bitcoin mining, large expenditures on equipment are needed. By pooling funds, Monelo can afford to invest in this highly fruitful venture.
Venture Capital investing is a high risk / high reward investment option. However, combined with our other ventures and a strong knowledge of the blockchain based startup scene, we are able to solidify a consistent long-term profit in the field.
Bring your profits everywhere
Your Monelo card

There is no other investment platform like Monelo. Investing in fiat, crypto and venture capital related industries has never been easier and can be done with just a few button presses. We are delivering the utmost quality investment service and our clients all around the world can receive instant profit payments every day. But it is getting even better! We are working with our partners to develop our personal Monelo payment card. Monelo clients will be able to transfer their profits directly to the payment card and pay for products or services anytime, anywhere.

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Level 1
Referral Commission
Level 6
Referral Commission
Affiliate partnership opportunity
Build your Career
Each one of Monelo Ltd. members has the opportunity to increase their profit margin exponentially through our affiliate program, with seven, increasingly more profitable, affiliate levels. Level 1 affiliates earn a 5% commission from any direct referrals, and 1% commission from any of their first three levels of passive referrals.
Active participation in our offered affiliate program will allow you to level up and earn higher commissions, more passive referral levels and even monetary bonuses. As an example, level 5 affiliates receive a 0.5BTC bonus and Level 6 affiliates have a 10% direct affiliate commission, 2x larger than level 1 affiliates.
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by Uchechukwu Ajalam
Well put-together interface
The site appears legit, and is paying currently. It has a well put-together interface, and a functional Telegram group, so I have the feeling it will be around for a while.
by Ricardo Batista
Monelo está surreal, pagamento instantêno, rendimento de 3% dias de semana e 1% finais de semana, plano infinito, podendo tirar seu capital a hora que quiser pagando uma taxa de 10%. Se deixar seu ativo render 4 dias úteis, já pode retirar tudo e terá seu lucro de 2%. Fazia um bom tempo que não via uma empresa tão seria e tão bem organizada, venha conferir, faça seu cadastro já!!!!!
by Rohman Nur Syawal
Instant Payout and you can use…
Instant Payout and you can use compounding to maximize your profit. Good commission in affiliate program too.
Month #1 Recap

We have officially crossed the one month milestone since the Monelo investment platform was opened up to public investors worldwide. The Monelo team would like to thank all our clients for joining our platform and letting us help you navigate the investment market....
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