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About Monelo.biz

Monelo is an industry expert developed investment platform that serves as an all-in-one diversified portfolio for its users. This portfolio is a combination of a multitude of researched investments within four main areas of expertise: venture capital, digital currency exchange, bitcoin mining and Forex trading. Using Forex as the solid basis, the Monelo team has developed a solid, consistent and trustworthy investment strategy within our main field of expertise, and a currently thriving trend: the blockchain. Blockchain is a disrupting new technology. Its introduction has not only created whole new industries, it has redefined our relationships with information and privacy as we know it. An incredible number of new businesses thriving and using the blockchain technology to independently fund their ambitious ventures through crowdfunding. This trend of fast growth and unlimited funding potentials is where the Monelo team knows how to find many lucrative investment opportunities.

Our goal is to democratize the opportunity for profit that this emerging method of investing provides. It should come as no surprise that, in order to successfully operate in the field of finance, a lot of research, expertise and hard work is necessary, not to mention a large pool of funds. With the added technological complexities of the blockchain system and the business world where it is monetized, it becomes virtually impossible for a part time investor to successfully navigate themselves to a stable profit. That is why our dedicated team has made the Monelo platform: we do the heavy lifting of finding, evaluating and managing new ventures, allowing our users to enjoy a healthy profit in return for trusting us with their investment funds. Furthermore, by having combined these four fields of investment, we have developed an investment bundle that guarantees users a stable income growth, even outside of work hours. We offer you a rare opportunity to make your money work for you – 24/7.

Private & Secure
We offer anonymity and security by using state of the art safety systems and BitCoin as a payment processor.
Always Instant
Withdrawal requests are instantly entered into the automated processing queue. Waiting is minimized.
Legal entity
Monelo Ltd. is a valid and lawful company based in the United Kingdom. Our company number is #11738465.

Investing Supercharged.

An extraordinary amount of work has been put into developing this platform in addition to the investment bundles presented in it. We strive to make our platform easy to use and simple, while remaining fully functional and informational. The investments we have bundled turn an overall profit every hour of every day, 365 days in a year. Market activity and profits being higher during the workweek, the Monelo investment bundle still generates a consistent stream on both weekdays and weekends of consistent median profit for your investment.

This investment plan is guaranteed to generate its subscribers a daily profit of 3.0% on business days, and even a healthy 1.0% profit on weekends and holidays. Our offered combined plan bundles investments from four different fields, minimizing risk and achieving a secure profit percentage every single day.

All or a part of your active investment can be returned back to your account at any time, after 24h have passed since the moment of the deposit. A 10% fee will be deducted from the returned amount.

Business days
Daily Profit
Daily Profit
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