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About Monelo.biz

Deposited funds are transferred and pooled in a joint company investment wallet. A specific share size is allocated to each deposit, directly proportionate to the amount invested compared to the total size of the joint investment wallet. This share size is utilized as a determining factor for the Return On Investment for each contribution. The funds in the joint investment wallet are used by our team of expert traders and business consultants to invest in various diversified ventures. These investments are split into multiple portfolios in order to boost the efficiency of our investments and to insulate potential financial risks from effecting all funds.

The income and dividends are returned to each investors personal account according to the share size designated in the start of the investment fund pooling process. This guarantees highest possible investment security without compromising the ease of platform use for our clients. Furthermore, regardless of us managing all the investing actions, the client stays in control of their fund at all times, able to operate with them freely and continuously. Each client is free to withdraw their funds and conclude their investing activity at any time. No contract locks or hidden loopholes.

Forex trading
Trading currencies is our primary method of fund investing. From major currencies to specific pairs, we expertly trade in the complicated market of Forex.
Digital exchange
The cryptocurrency exchange market is still relatively new and has a huge earning potential for smart and experienced investors, like the Monelo team.
BitCoin mining
In order to be profitable with bitcoin mining, large expenditures on equipment are needed. By pooling funds, Monelo can afford to invest in this highly fruitful venture.
Venture Capital investing is a high risk / high reward investment option. However, combined with our other ventures and a strong knowledge of the blockchain based startup scene, we are able to solidify a consistent long-term profit in the field.

Step by step

1. Register account

Navigate to our authentication page and enter the necessary information to create your account.

2. Make an investment

Fill out the deposit form with the desired amount and select the preferred payment method.

3. Earn interest

As soon as your deposit is activated you will start accumulating daily interest earning automatically.

4. Withdraw profits

You can withdraw your profits or active deposit at anytime. All transactions are automatically processed within seconds.