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About Monelo.biz

The idea for an investment plan that is built on standard investment systems and utilizes an emerging technology was a long existing idea. It finally requested clear action with the impressive developments in the blockchain industry, and especially the meteoric rise of blockchain powered crowdfunding. In late 2018, strong and knowledgeable team was assembled, and work on developing blockchain related investment evaluation methods started. After almost one and a half year of development, Monelo Ltd. was formed, and the beta platform with a select group of interested investors was released. The success of our beta platform was a clear proof of concept, and now, at the start of 2020, the Monelo investment platform is a secure and well developed finished and polished product, open for mass consumers for the first time.

The Monelo team is as diverse as the investments we offer, with undeniable experts in trading, financial analysis, business management and evaluation (both crypto specific and general), digital security, and large team of technical personnel. Our unparalleled competence within the blockchain related investment market grants the Monelo platform the capability to deliver a steady stream of income through using its investment bundles. The trading team consists of expert traders and financial analysts. Between them they share a combined experience of more than three decades of managing assets in Forex, Shares, Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Gold and more. Furthermore, we have a quality in-house team of technicians, that continuously upgrades and improves the Monelo neural network algorithms, making sure that they are as efficient as possible. This is crucial for any business working with such large clusters of information and financial data. Monelo is undeniably poised to keep its upwards trajectory in the investing world, with new people investing in the package every day.

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