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About Monelo.biz

Company Roadmap

Monelo Ltd. personnel is working hard to deliver the utmost quality investment service to our clients. We grow stronger with each day by achieving our goals an constantly adding new ones to the list. You can follow our progress and see what is planed ahead in our official roadmap below.

Q4 2018
Foundation of the company
Official registration of our company in the United Kingdom
Q1 2019
Algorithm development
Developing and testing our artificial intelligence trading algorithms
Q3 2019
Platform development
Designing and developing the online investment platform
Q4 2019
Platform testing
Testing the investment platform in a closed environment (private clients)
Q1 2020
Platform launch
Official opening of the investment platform to public investors
Q1 2020
Promotional campaign
Fortifying our online presence with multiple advertising campaigns
Q1 2020
Bounty program
Development and launch of our bounty program
Q2 2020
Card reservations
Starting the payment card reservation process for selected clients
Q3 2020
Staff expansion #1
First public hiring of new staff members worldwide
Q3 2020
Card testing and launch
Real world testing of the payment card functionality and public launch
Q4 2020
Seminar #1
First organized public event of Monelo in São Paulo - Brazil
Q4 2020
Statistics report
A detailed yearly statistics report of our financial statistics and achievements in 2020
Q1 2021
Staff expansion #2
Second public hiring of new staff members worldwide
Q1 2021
Seminar #2
Second organized public event of Monelo in Hanoi – Vietnam
To be announced